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Seeking Funding

The Angel’s Share is primarily for established businesses seeking finance to grow. They will have a need for capital but possibly also expertise, contacts and experience. The Angel’s Share can assist businesses in finding a business angel that matches their needs.

Is it for you?

Deciding to give up equity in a business is not an easy decision and not one to rush into. This must fit with the overall corporate strategy and be aligned to the corporate mission and vision. This is not a quick process and it should certainly not be seen as an alternative to bank funding or other sources of debt finance. However in the right circumstances this could be the key to unlock your growth. Combining investment with skills, experience and contacts of  an experienced business person or entrepreneur turned angel. If you are unsure whether angel investing is for your business please arrange a meeting with an Investment Advisor

For loads of great information on how to fund your business growth click here

Are You Ready?

The Business Advisors involved with The Angel’s Share will only suggest that businesses seek investment if they believe it is a sensible course of action. However, ultimately the business has to take full responsibility for it’s own actions and the decision to be involved is that of the business.

The Business Advisors will ask the business fundamental questions to establish:
  • Is angel investment the correct strategy for the business?

  • Is there a real need for investment and if so is this the right time?

  • Is the business in the best possible shape to receive investment?

  • If not what more could the business do first to improve this?

  • who the ideal investor is, have a clear idea of valuation 

  • If equity is to be surrendered up to what level?

As well as offering a matching service The Angel’s Share offers specific coaching to businesses in;

• Business plan preparation 

• Preparing and delivering a pitch

The overall aim in the business coaching aspect of The Angel's Share is to assist the business in becoming investor ready.

It is recommended that businesses seek professional advice in financial, tax and legal issues.

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Live pitching event on 14th December 2018 at The Tilt Room, Perth Concert Hall.


This event is for businesses operating in Creative Industries and is part of the Creative Accelerator delivered by Elevator.

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