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About The Angel's Share

The Angel’s Share is a service managed and delivered by The Business Development Team which is part of The Enterprise Team at Perth & Kinross Council.

As well as acting as a matching service for entrepreneurs and investors The Angel’s Share offers support to entrepreneurs seeking funding through training, coaching and signposting to other sources of assistance such as Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise. 

The Angel’s Share presents a variety of events from pitching events, training events for businesses to networking events for investors and entrepreneurs.

About PKC Business Growth Team

The Angel’s Share benefits from the support of a team of Business Advisors. The Business Development Team is a highly motivated team with a mission to support businesses that have a commitment and capacity to grow. Where appropriate Business Advisors will introduce entrepreneurs to The Angel’s Share programme.
We work closely with our colleagues at Business Gateway and Scottish Enterprise to ensure businesses are receiving the correct support for their business needs.

Other Funding Sources

Businesses should contact a member of the Business Development Team to find out about the full suite of services on offer from the Enterprise Team from support on employment, advice on social enterprises or commercial enterprises and in certain circumstances grant support. (for businesses based in Tayside). Businesses may be able to access loans managed by their local authority.
For a comprehesive guide visit

Investment opportunities

At the Angel’s Share we have a steady stream of early stage and growing businesses looking for investment and angel involvement. Once registered as an investor with The Angel’s Share you can view business plans, be introduced to entrepreneurs and attend events. You can choose how often we communicate with you and in what form. 

Recent Opportunities include

An authentic and traditional brand for today

Picture every Irish pub you've seen in the world. Now replace that image with a new style of Scottish venue.

Our brand harnesses our nation’s amazing food and drink whilst revelling in the essence of being a Scot today. We’re creating a brand that embraces the music, art, culture and fashion of a modern day, outward looking nation; one that takes pride in its past and makes it relevant and fun. Quality over quantity; authentic and traditional but also inquisitive, confident, vibrant and welcoming.

The time is right to tell the world what we are all about.

The business is seeking investment to develop our first unit and lay the foundations of a brand that can scale.

Supplying the Queen's Grocer

This business makes hand-crafted cold cutting pies, using primarily Scottish fillings.  They are the sole supplier to the Queen’s Grocer, Fortnum and Mason.  Because their products may be frozen, they represent an export opportunity to expat communities in Europe, North America and Asia. Turnover grew by over 100% from 2013 to 2014 and is projected to grow again by 25% this year. Investment is sought to secure the brand, build sales and marketing and explore and secure export opportunities. Further investment in machinery, will allow manufacturing in large quantities smaller pies for the catering industry, and open new markets. 

Predictable supply of premium-quality farmed fish

This opportunity is a start-up company that has been formed to provide customers with a predictable supply of premium-quality farmed fish using the very latest Recirculating Aquaculture Systems technology (RAS).   RAS are a proven way to farm fish on land in a sustainable, predictable and highly profitable way.   A way that is beneficial to the fish, the consumer, the planet and of course the investor. The fish are sustainably farmed in a bio-secure environment with no interaction with the natural ecology and free from parasites, predators, storms and other stresses that the traditional industries have to contend with.

Unique health related web site and app’

Scotland, the UK and many western countries are suffering a serious health epidemic caused by lifestyle choices resulting in obesity, poor cardio-vascular fitness and a multitude of related physical and mental health issues.

Over the last two years a group of passionate health professionals and investors have been supporting the development of a unique health related web site and app’ which helps deliver nutrition, fitness and health requirements on a daily basis by helping members follow a good routine.

The business is seeking investment to take their growth to the next level.

Previous opportunities;

New inventory for the advertising sector

Customers touch a product’s label with their mobile device and get instant information about it through video, audio, image or text. The physical act of touching establishes a link between the two, and the content adds value to the relationship.

This product is new inventory for the advertising sector: providing a 360o system solution based on enterprise software for branded content that enables brand owners to engage their customers more effectively.

Crucially, customers launch the app. at exactly the point where their interest is most engaged: when they’re looking at something for sale, or need additional information on products, services or events right where they are.

Fibre optic lighting technology

Fibre optic lighting is uniquely able to deliver light without electricity or heat, and has applications ranging from lighting in wet, hazardous, and inaccessible places, to energy harvesting and medical lighting.But complexity and inefficiency have prevented it from achieving its potential.

Our technology, ZeroVolt, revolutionises fibre optic lighting by making it more efficient, and so simple to use that it can be sold through non-specialist distributors worldwide.

This enables fibre optic lighting to fulfil its potential to be a significant part of the rapidly growing LED lighting market.

Scottish EDGE funding helped us develop our technology.

We need investment to begin production, launch our first patented products, and grow into global markets.We look forward to showing you how we unlock the potential of fibre optic lighting.


Group Travel Management Solution

This business has developed a dedicated group travel and activity platform. The platform enables groups to invite and organise their group with the ability to vote on preferred dates, locations, activities then the ability to book online, pay individually and organise an itinerary from end-to-end. The platform combines group management tools with a marketplace of diverse travel products.  With revenue models from both B2C and B2B..

Craft distillery producing cocktail ingredients

This pitching business is a craft distillery. It will be a producer of quality spirits, mixers and cocktail ingredients of under the banner of a recognisable consumer brand that focuses on bringing classic and authentic cocktails to a wider market, both in bars and, more importantly in the home.

 Its first flagship product, Verdant Gin, will be available in late 2015. More will follow as part of an innovative, planned programme of product development that lies at the heart of the company ethos.


The Founder and Managing Director, is looking for a £50,000.00 investment to make it a reality.

Previous pitches:



Serving Michelin star chefs

A family owned business producing a high-end product for food service - discerning Michelin star chefs, four/five star hotels and venues - and direct retailing from own shops, concessions as well as an online shop. No preservatives or artificial additives are used to create a unique proposition which is Scotland’s “Product of the Year”

Portable advertising on environmentally-friendly takeaway coffee cups

We print portable advertising on environmentally-friendly takeaway coffee shops and distribute them to 300 of the best coffee shops across 6 cities in Scotland. The advertiser gets their brand in the hands of their targeted demographic, the coffee shop receives free cups which cuts out one of their biggest costs, and on top of this, we use locally sourced cups which are completely biodegradable, this is great for the environment. It's win-win-win we put your brand in their hand!

Specialist Smartphone App Business FUNDED

We are a specialist smartphone app business based in Perth. We focus on providing calendar and news apps to schools, colleges, academies and membership organizations.

Our model is to ‘rent’ the app to the customer for just £100 per month, making the unaffordable affordable. To commission a similar app to ours would cost in c .  £8,000 - £15,000

With our first customers on board ( UK wide ), the technology built and a team recruited we are poised for strong growth.

Progressive Bistro  FUNDED

Sometimes the best business involves not reinventing the wheel, just tweaking what we already know. This progressive local Bistro has been trading for three and half years with impressive results. With a clever and innovative approach this style of food and drink seems to attract a wide range of customers and a high return base. Different presentation, style and trading format has outperformed the market and is well placed for expansion. A second unit has been identified in centre Perth for this purpose and the plan is simply to duplicate what already works in the present location. A loan over 4 years is sought.

Wednesday 12th of September (venue and times to be confirmed soon)

Training event
Are you new to investing? Would you like to know how this could help grow your business? Do you advise businesses or maybe just want to know more?
Then this event is for you we will have a number of different sessions delivered by experts with angel experience, lawyers and accountants. Hear from businesses who have successfully grown thanks to angel investment

Investor Fair (afternoon) restricted entry, registered investors only
Inventors and entrepreneurs set out their stall, pull up a chair and listen to them at your leisure, spend as long talking as you like....speed dating investment style 

Live Pitching Event (late afternoon) restricted entry, registered investors only
A number of local businesses will pitch for investment with a presentation and Q&A session
The pitching sessions will be followed by an informal drinks reception.


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